A Keepnet Full of Dreams

by Kevin Grozier

kevin grozier fishing


In a departure for Kevin A Keepnet Full of Dreams includes three angling based fictional short stories, two of which are mysterious and intriguing. The third is a prelude to his final chapter in which he gives a passionate, dire but all too realistic warning about the very likely eventual consequences of over exploiting the chalk streams of Southern England by excessive abstraction at source. He links this over exploitation directly with some of the social and political issues of the day in a logical and coherent manner, which the politicians of today, image and sound-bite conscious, and paralyzed by over obsession with political correctness, appear to totally miss.


In 2020 The Lost Fisherman and Other Poems was published by Austin Macaulay though it is no longer available from their online site (see home page). Whilst not specifically about fishing the author draws on nearly fifty years of experiences enjoyed in the landscapes of Wessex and on the banks of the famous rivers of that region. In “Commentary on an Avon Valley Sunset, Where The Silver River Used to Flow, Lake Stirring at Dawn and the title poem The Lost Fisherman he pays tribute (and issues environmental warnings) about the glorious surroundings he has immersed himself in for the past 50 years". Some comments from the publishers' website are included on the “reviews“ page of this website.


Kevin still lives in Ringwood with his incredibly supportive wife Lin, still writing and expressing concern at the increasing urbanisation of our countryside and the scandalous toll this is taking by way of abstraction and pollution on our shrinking natural lowland rivers. Whilst the frequency and pattern of his fishing is somewhat compromised by health and mobility aspects he is still to be found at times on the banks of his beloved Hampshire Avon and Dorset Stour rivers that have become in essence, his spiritual home.