A Keepnet Full of Dreams

by Kevin Grozier

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A Keepnet Full of Dreams - See readers Comments on this Title

'I didn't know quite what to expect but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was one of the best fishing books I've read for years - superbly detailed and a real mix of styles and topics. A Keepnet Full of Dreams is exceptionally well written, beautifully descriptive and genuinely intelligent, which is a very rare commodity in a fishing book these days.'
Chris Tarrant - Angler and Broadcaster


'Following the success of Avon days and Stour ways Kevin has expanded his writing style in a very skilful way.'
Rae Borass


'Kevin has even ventured into fiction with this book, still, with an angling theme as a background. This is so beautifully written as to make the reader unaware it is fiction it is so believable and with that I leave the readers of Kevin's new book to enjoy it as much as I did.'
Dave Steuart


'The three fictional short stories are fishing related and they will in turn make you laugh, perhaps even make you cry and finally they should make you think about the future of this glorious sport of ours. Do yourself a favour. Grab this book, find a nice comfortable chair, pour a mug (or glass) of your favourite drink and start to read. You will find it hard to put down.'

Dave Cable


'A Keepnet Full of Dreams is the second book from the pen of Kevin Grozier and eagerly awaited after the success of Avon Days and Stour Ways. His style is clear and matter of fact, full of useful tips and advice, but still very entertaining, tinged with his dry wit and full of associated anecdote. The book is more than a simple list of captures and contains chapters that are entirely fictional; stories of fish and fishing that inspire, inform and entertain and are very thought provoking at times. This is an unusual fishing book which not only highlights the passion that Kevin has for fishing, but also the environment in which he enjoys his sport. The concern he has for the future of our rivers is genuine and should make us all sit up and think! .........'

Pete Reading, ‘Barbel fisher’ Issue No.38

'Kevin's first book was a big hit and rightly so. Well, spurred on by this success he has written a follow up, A Keepnet Full of Dreams and I am really glad he has as it is every bit as good as Avon days and Stour Ways and in some ways even better. A man who can write in a serious way one minute yet entertain and amuse the next with the reader often likely to wear a wide beaming smile or frequently break into laughter. The latter part of the book for me is an example of his writing at its very best. The last 50 pages or so consist of fictional stories (all fishing related) that prove what a brilliant writer Kevin is. The ring of truth which extrudes from his pen often lulls the reader into thinking they are true stories. Not content on wowing us with fact and fiction there is even a short burst of poetry at the end. It comes highly recommended . ....'

Chris Ball ‘Coarse Angling Today

'My oh My! What a surprise. After finishing Avon days and Stour Ways I thought to myself, “He can never top this,” How wrong I was! You genuinely have a gift with words. Whilst reading A Keepnet Full of Dreams I was transported back 60 years or so to a gentler age on my local River Itchen. When I first read Henry Williamson's books years ago I was captivated by his writing and they had a profound effect on me which stayed with me all these years. Your two books I find have exactly the same effect on me. I never thought you could replicate or get close to the first one. How you did it I will never know. You have created not one but two literary gems. I have never read better. I take my hat off to you!

PS. “ The Lost Fisherman brought a tear to my eye!...'

Marvin Elliott.......... letter dated 06/04/15



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Avon Days and Stour Ways - Now See What Readers Thought of Kevin's First Book

‘I have read it cover to cover - three times! I feel as if I am on the bank when I read through the pages of this lovely book’
- Martin James review on www.martinjamesfishing.co.uk


‘A super book! Next winter sit in your favourite chair with a cup of tea or your favourite amber liquid, listen to the wind whistling around the house and get lost in this lovely book’ - “At The Waters Edge” BBC Radio Lancashire


‘The book has been well received by many anglers; some insisting it is a real classic’ - Angling Times


‘Kevin has enlisted the support of some of the areas best fishermen to contribute to what is a fantastic read’ - Pike and Predator


‘Warm, well written and very funny in places, your book made a welcome change from the books that major publishers seem to think that anglers want-it is one I shall read again frequently’ - Gary Packham


‘One of the best fishing books I have ever read’ - Dave Steuart, Romsey, Hants


‘What can I say other than, what a lovely book! It’s coming to Brazil with me now!’ - Eric Roberts


‘I just wanted to send congratulations on what has to be one of the best books on angling I have ever read. It has kept me in the best company for the last fortnight. What a fantastic achievement!’ - Simon Hartop


‘In my years of angling I have read many books on the subject as well as other types-two of my favourites being “Tarka the Otter” and “Salar the Salmon” by Henry Williamson. Yours I can honestly say is the best book of this type I have read in years. Everything a good book should have, knowledge, humour, pathos and most of all humility. You are to be applauded, a joy to read and a credit to you.’ - Marvin Elliott, Southampton, Hants


‘Congratulations on producing such a brilliant book - I cannot put it down. It is a great read’ - Kevin Smith, Broadway, Worcs


‘Thoroughly enjoyed it. A great read.’ - Terry Lampard, Dorset


. ‘I have just finished your book and it was an absolute joy on every level. Informative, thoughtful, well written and inspiring. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a fishing book so much.’ - Peter Gibbinson


‘My husband was very pleased with his present & has asked you to let us know if you write any books in the future’ - Karen Tester



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Finally, some comments made about The Lost Fisherman & Other Poems:-


... "A powerful and effecting collection of poetry"


..."keen to comment on the poignancy of the work and an ability to convey raw emotion"


...."The Death of Idealism in a Middle Aged War Zone" and "Tread Softly-Or Else" are particular favourites-one a deeply moving poem and the latter a thought provoking read."
Austin Macaulay Board of Editors


" This collection of Kevin's poems is, if I am honest so much more than i expected it to be. It is about the boy, and the man obviously fighting, wrestling and sometimes losing his battles with the world about him down the years. It is quite a journey."
Chris Tarrant. Broadcaster and television Presenter


"A treasure chest opf raw emotion. Once begun i could not put it down”
Jennie Harmer


“ Not normally a reader of poetry but greatly enjoyed and was stimulated by this book. Angst and disappointment are shared together with his obnvious love of the natural world. I highly recommend it”
John Hills


“I highly recommend you pour yourself a glass and take your time to work through his prose – a welcome companion in these turbulent times”
Adrian Hopper


“A powerful and thought provoking little book - hit me hard in the sternum – a roller coaster of life , love and loss and the passion of a countryman.”
Adam Entwhistle


“ What a rare delight. Beautifully written with heartfelt raw emotion that spills from every page”
Julia Halfpenny


“ Beautifully written and powerful imagery”
Denise Blighe


"Just binge read this lovely little book and it made me cry and smile in equal measure. A very satisfying read that I will return to again and again. A collection of intimate poems that span an entire generation. I heartily recommend this book....."
Carole Jewett